We are BACK!!!! With a successful Flynn Stock back in February we are now hosting a summer time event.

We will be raising money for The National Autistic Society -

Friday 30/07 - 10:00am GMT until 00:00am (14hrs)

Saturday 31/07 - 09:00am GMT until 00:00am (15hrs)

Sunday 01/08 - 09:00am GMT until 00:00am (15hrs)

Requirements are below:

  • Streamer to be 18+

  • Any game is considered, doesn't matter about length of the run or game type (Just be aware, this is a one weekend event and not two like our last one. 2+ hour runs might be rejected to ensure more runs are showcased)

  • This will be an online event so you will need discord and or a twitch stream page. We will feed your stream in to our Twitch channel to stream.

  • A camera is not required but being able to commentate your run is a must. You can have co-commentators to help with your run, the more the merrier.

  • We will be on the front page of again and we will apply for Twitch front page again (last time didn't go so well ha ha)

  • If you are streaming on Twitch an overlay will be provided for you to locate your camera and game to fit in the specified overlay

  • When an application has been made you must join the discord.

Thank you for looking and submitting