A speedrun event taking place over 2 weekends. We will be raising money for The National Autistic Society

This is a charity close to my heart as my eldest son suffers with severe Autism. If it wasn't for charities like this we would not of got the guidance or training to be able to assist him in his day to day life.

  • Streamer to be 18+

  • Any game is considered, doesn't matter about length of the run or game type.

  • This will be an online event so you will need discord and or a twitch stream page. We will feed your stream in to our Twitch channel to stream.

  • A camera is not required but being able to commentate your run is a must. You can have co-commentators to help with your run, the more the merrier.

  • We have applied for Twitch front page, we will inform you if this will happen during your run. During that time we will have to operate as a PG stream but before and after, anything goes.

  • If you are streaming on Twitch an overlay will be provided for you to locate your camera and game to fit in the specified overlay

  • Saturday 27/02/21 (10:00AM GMT - 23:00PM GMT)

  • Sunday 28/02/21 (10:00AM GMT - 23:00PM GMT)

  • Saturday 06/03/21 (10AM GMT - 23:00PM GMT)

  • Sunday 07/03/21 (10AM GMT - 23:00PM GMT)

When an application has been made you must join the discord and state you are here for the marathon. You will be assigned a role as a marathon runner and will have access to that section of the Discord.

Thank you for looking and submitting