Speedromizer II








Speedromizer is BACK! An upcoming Speedrunning marathon raising money for The Trevor Project, Where what you submit, is NOT what you run. The runners and the games will be fully randomized!

Here's how it works:

Submit a game between 06/01/22 and 07/15/22
Tune into the draft lottery stream on July 29th
See if you made it in, along with what game you will be running.

After the Draft Lottery stream, you will have 70 days to learn your new game. After the draft Lottery, there will be a second round of submissions. These submissions are strictly for backups and will not be part of the draft pool.

All games selected for Speedromizer will be selected based off how easy it is to send to the other person and difficulty.

For a list of guidelines and banned games and categories, please join our discord.