Announcing our next big marathon, Ida-Aid, a marathon devoted to help those that were affected by Hurricane Ida! This event is spectacular that we are going to be doing it in collaboration with and NASA Marathon! This marathon will be a charity marathon in support of Direct Relief and the option of donating towards helping a Puzzle General user who has been affected by Hurricane Ida, ThatsFairZack!

Because this is a collaboration marathon, any and all speedruns will be considered, regardless of the amount of time they take! Take this opportunity to submit some of those long categories for games that you think might be entertaining!

Submissions will open at 6PM CT on November 14th, 2021.

Submissions will close at 11:59PM CT on January 7th, 2022. (Link to the marathon's Oengus page can be found below)

The schedule will be released January 21st, 2022. (Schedule will be released dually on both the marathon's Oengus page and Horaro)

The marathon will be held from 10AM CT on February 25th, 2022 to 10PM CT on February 27th, 2022 (or later depending upon the number of submissions)

The marathon will be held on NASA Marathon's Twitch: and all communications about the marathon will happen on NASA Marathon's Discord. (link below)

Please join us in speedrunning for those affected by Hurricane Ida, and please spread the word about this event so that we can help as many people that have been affected by Hurricane Ida as possible!

NASA Marathon's Discord:

Powerhouse Marathon's Discord:

Find out more about Direct Relief:

Find out more about ThatsFairZack's situation here: