SpeedDocks Fishing Jamboree










SpeedDocks Fishing Jamboree is the direct result of our community raising over $7,000 at SDAT 2021. The people demanded a fishing themed speedrun marathon, and gosh darnit we are giving it to you.

This is an event dedicated to fishing speedruns, fishing games, fishing controllers and fish costumes. Here are some examples of runs that will be accepted for the event:

  • A speedrun category centered around fishing in a non-fishing game.
  • A category in a game centered around fishing. These are games like Cabela's Or Bass Pro Fishing
  • A regular speedrun played on a fishing rod controller
  • A speedrun where the main character is a fish
  • A speedrun where you give your character a fish skin
  • Your normal speedrun category, but you're dressed as a fish
  • Literally anything you want to do because this event is for fun.

Does your game not have a fishing category? Make your own category! Create your own speedrun. The important thing is to have fun with it. If we managed to raise some money for the World Wildlife Fund in the process, that is a huge bonus. As long as there is some loose tie in, we will accept your run. Be creative!