This marathon hopes to offer a wide range of runs of genre and length. All coming together before the holidays of Oct - Dec to raise money for Save The Children and NAMI. (50% Split between the two)

The Marathon is an all-inclusive space and safe zone for all walks of life. We will not tolerate hate in any form whatsoever. We hope that you consider joining this marathon event!

If this marathon goes well and we come close to or exceed our $10,000 goal then we just might have to turn this into a yearly thing!

Submission requirements:
You must be able to do the following:
Stream at 3000 bit for video and at least 160 bit for audio quality.
In your submission please show a run that is not your pb or a run you make for submission. Explaining the run as you would to the audience.
Must keep it friendly. (Cursing in limited amounts is fine.)
English only

Must be able to show at least 4 completed runs after submissions are closed if your run is chosen to show that you're keeping practiced!
Please note if your run is over 12 hours you only need to submit 2 runs.
If your run is over 24 hours, only 1 extra is needed.

Cameras will not be used in this marathon - including Vtuber avatars. The hope is to focus on just the gameplay and the commentary between the streamer, the commentators he/she/they bring, and the audience.
Be able to fill out a lot of the run you're doing with commentary. We want to keep the audience entertained!
Don't worry about not being a top runner in your game. If you have the passion and you can do the run, then please submit.

PLEASE NOTE: If your pb significantly changes and you can do the run way quicker than when you submitted please let us know as soon as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to consider, and we look forward to your submissions and your company.