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Welcome Everyone!!

In 2017 a very special person to me Chester Bennington took his own life and it has affected me since. The guy gave me (LPsoldier0303 ) the strength to continue when I was at my lowest points as well as many other across the world. With this event I wanted to give back everything he gave me. So I started this event in his name (hence the name Breaking The Habit) to help those who are struggling with suicidal thoughts and those who are coping with loss from suicide.

Being inspired by such events as GDQ and ESA I wanted to do something in that vein. I've built such an amazing friendship and connection with so many talented individuals in the gaming space whether it be speed runners, community gamers, or solo streamers. You all bring something so amazing to the table and showcasing that was top priority in this event! I cannot thank you all enough for coming together for this event and showcasing your talents for such an amazing cause.

Last year was our biggest turnout we've ever had. We cannot be more thankful for all the support. We raised over $7,000!! That's insane!! THANK YOU!

This year is going to be a little different. Our mission is, and always will be the same. To give help and support to people that feel lost.
We are going to try some new things this year. For starters this event is only going to go for one day instead of two.
BUT that is not going to stop us from pulling out everything we got! We will still give our strong, driven, and undivided attention that we've done every year.
So without further adieu lets have some fun and help save some lives.

Welcome to BTH: Somewhere I Belong