GG Speedruns 3rd Anniversary









Hey everyone!!

Its time for the GG Speedruns 3rd Anniversary Marathon!!

GG Speedruns started in 2018 as a Mixer speedrunning channel (We all know how Mixer turned out at the end) but GG still continues and what a year has it been, so it is only needed to Celebrate it!!

The marathon will be focused on raising awareness and donations for a very rare deficiency disorder called CDKL5

All donations will go directly to charity via Tiltify, any donation incentives and goals would be posted there as well and link will be shared during the stream and posted here and in discord as well.

Everyone is allowed to submit up to 4 different runs, however, be aware that not all runs can be accepted and the decisions will be handled directly by the GG Staff (Based on availability mostly) to be able to run a nice an smooth event.

The only real requirement is that you can stream at a steady rate (at least 2500 kbps bitrate in a 720p resolution without losing frames)

Submissions will be closed on 10/17 23:59 CST and schedule will be announced on 10/24

If you have any questions make sure to join the GG Discord!