Horror-ible Games 2020








Welcome to Horror(ible) Games 2020!

  • Horror(ible) games 2020 is a marathon themed on horror, and horrible, games that aren't usually run at bigger events; the event itself is an online, twitch event lasting 3 days over the Halloween weekend. One of the main goals of the event is to showcase as many horror(ible) games as possible while raising money for Child’s Play.


  • One of the major themes of our event is to be based on horror games, like FNAF and Resident Evil, while also allowing horrible games, like Shaq Fu. The moderation team will try to be as transparent as we can about if a run is or is not a horrible game.

  • The best way to check to see if your game is horrible is go onto things like Metacritic, if the rating is below 70; it’s probably good to be submitted. ( The speedrunning being horrible as well can be taken into an account)

  • All runners, by the time submissions close, must join the community discord so we can contact you. If you are not in it by the time the submissions close, your run will be denied without being looked at. We do this so the event can run as smoothly as possible during the marathon.

  • Your run does not have to be both horror and horrible, it can be either horror based and be really good, or just horrible and be something like a shooter. As long as it's one or the other

Info about Child's Play

Child’s play is an organization based within the united states that give sick children that have been hospitalized free gaming systems, including games, consoles, and even VR sets. To be able to still have fun while being treated.

Additional info about the marathon

Game submissions close at midnight on October 16th, and the schedule will most likely be released on the 25th of October.

The donation link to Child’s Play is:

The community discord link is: