Horror-ible Games 2 - Undead










Welcome to Horror(Ible) Games 2: Undead!

The staff of Horror(ible) Games thought it'd be a fun little idea to have an additional event to get Twitch Affiliated and to try to raise an additional 150$ for Child's Play!

Additonally, Each day (30th-4th) will only have 3-4 hours of runs at a select time each day, so if you do submit please be ready to be flexible to match these times.

  • Each day has the general 11AM-11PM CST set, however, we will only accept 1-4 runs max per day (Depending on length).

All money raised from being Twitch Affiliated will have 100% transparency and will be released to the public every amount earned and raised.


  • Abide by all Twitch TOS during your submission, additionally you must have a Twitch and a Discord account
  • On the last day of submissions (11/27/2020) you must be in the community discord.
  • Your run must be either horror or horrible (Does not have to be both!)
  • Must have a good standing with SR.C (not banned.)

What is Child's Play?

Child’s play is an organization based within the united states that give sick children that have been hospitalized free gaming systems, including games, consoles, and even VR sets. To be able to still have fun while being treated.

Additional info about the marathon

Game submissions close at midnight on November 27th, and the schedule will most likely be released on the 27th-28th of November.

The donation link to Child’s Play is: https://donate.tiltify.com/@gamesible/hig2u

The community discord link is: https://discord.gg/xvq5hu7