Midwest MiniFest









The Midwest Speedfest team is hosting a two-day online marathon to round out the year- Midwest MiniFest! Despite the name, runners from all around the world are welcome to submit.


  • Submissions open: Saturday, October 9
  • Submissions close: Saturday, October 31, 11:59pm CDT
  • Schedule reveal: Mid-November
  • Volunteer applications: November
  • Marathon begins: Saturday, December 11
  • Marathon ends: Sunday, December 12

Important Information

  • Midwest MiniFest will begin on the morning of Saturday, December 11, and end on the evening of Sunday, December 12 (CST).
  • The marathon will be entirely online.
  • This event will be raising money for the Children's Cancer Research Fund.
  • As always, bigotry, harassment, and otherwise inappropriate and/or disrespectful conduct is not permitted. We reserve the right to bar a runner, commentator, or volunteer from participating in this and future events if we feel they have violated this rule.
  • For more information, contact MWSF staff.

Submission Details

  • Potential runners must be in our Discord server, as that's our main method of communication, and where the marathon will be hosted. Submissions from runners who are not in our server by the time submissions close will not be considered.
  • Submission videos are required, and must contain a completed run of the submitted game and category, under estimate, by the same runner(s) who submitted. Submissions that do not follow this rule will be disqualified.
  • Commentary in submission videos is strongly recommended. If you cannot provide commentary in your submission video, feel free to link to another example of commentary somewhere in your submission info. This is not required, but good commentary will greatly improve your chances of being accepted. It is acceptable to have another person commentate for you, but they must also commentate your run if it's accepted.
  • More info for accepted runners will be given after the schedule is released.