McRaeathon 2022










Welcome to McRaeathon 2022!

We are a racing marathon that specializes in games that mainly involve 4 wheels and a steering wheel, we are determined to show off some of the best racing game speedruns the communities have to offer whilst raising money for charity at the same time.

So are you feeling fast? Well dust off those racing gloves and get submitting! :D

Submissions Open: April 1st 2022

Staff Applications Open: April 1st 2022

Submissions and Staff Applications Close: May 15th 2022

Schedule Reveal: May 20th 2022

Event Dates: June 4th/5th 2022

Run Times for each day:

  • 12 Noon - 11PM (Saturday)
  • 12 Noon - 9PM (Sunday)

McRaeathon is happy to work alongside Benelux Speedrunners Gathering (BSG) who is allowing us to raise money for a great charity called MIND.

Games List:

Racing games such as Gran Turismo, Forza, Colin McRae Rally/DiRT, Need for Speed etc. (✓)
Driving games such as Driver, Flatout etc. (✓)
Kart Racers such as Mario Kart, Sonic All Stars Racing, Crash Team Racing etc. (X)
Ship Racers such as F-Zero etc. (X)
Character Racing such as Sonic R, Gensou Skydrift etc. (X)
If your game doesn't fall into this list (Driving segments in Call of Duty or Halo for example) then chances are it won't be accepted.

All runs must have English commentary provided by either yourself or a co-commentator.