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Pixel Perfect Marathon


Pixel Perfect is a brand-new speedrunning and game showcase community. We're dedicated to hosting online and onsite events that bring video game entertainers and lovers from all backgrounds together to celebrate the video games we love, and the feats we love to show off! Our team shares many years of organizing experience across various marathon communities.

Our very first online marathon is taking place over the weekend of 4th-5th February 2023 on the Pixel Perfect Events Twitch Channel. If you've got a gaming feat you'd like to showcase, whether it be a speedrun, a score attack, a race, a TAS, or any other entertaining feat, we want your submission! Submissions of all experiences or abilities are welcome!

For more info, join the Pixel Perfect Discord

Event Information

  • The marathon will start around Feb 4th 12:00 CET (UTC+1) and end Feb 5th at 20:00 CET, the times are flexible and will depend on the number of accepted submissions
  • The submissions will close on January 8th, 23:59 CET
  • The marathon is exclusively online, and commentary will be in English.



  • Must be able to stream at 720p30fps with a bitrate of 2500kbps minimum, 1080p60fps with a bitrate of 4000kbps preferred.
  • Must be able to stream to an RTMP service (Accommodated by OBS/SLOBS)
  • Webcams welcomed but not required
  • Vtubers and other rigged models are welcomed but need to be specified in the submission info


  • Must join the Pixel Perfect Discord
  • Do not submit your PB as your estimate. Consider the RTA and time for an intro and outro
  • The submitted video's RTA time must be lower than the given estimate
  • Emulators are allowed but must be communicated with staff before the event
  • Race submissions are accepted with up to two player stream feeds
  • Content in game submissions must adhere to Twitch's Community Guidelines
  • In case of a pre-recorded showcase such as a TAS, make sure to contact staff prior to the event


Are you interested in helping out on the marathon in other ways? Check out the volunteering application in the Discord!