Really Really Long a Thon 4








Really Really Long a Thon (RRLAT) is a marathon was started by xelnas_SR in 2017 that aims to showcase high-level speedruns of longer games (usually 3+ hours) or obscure and completionist categories that may have trouble being accepted into other events.

The main event occurs over the course of 2 weeks every December, and benefits various charitable organizations. RRLAT4 will be live December 1st - 15th, 2020;

The main event is a showcase of games and runs not usually showcased in the greater speedrun community and is not affiliated in anyway with any other orgainization. It strives to provide entertainment through speedruns and commentary rather then raise money so that the focus is on the runs

RRLAT4 will be the fourth major event that occurs from dec 1st to 15th, this year I will be attempting to stream it for an additional 5 days if interest shows its self