Rogue Rush is the inaugural Speedrunning event of professional esports organization Rogue supporting The AbleGamers Charity! With a focus on highlighting all things that make gamers of all kinds great. A 36 hour weekend spread across 3 days. Signups opening Wednesday, August 12th, and will remain open until end of day on Monday, September 7th, with a schedule release date of Friday, September 18th.

This event will run from Friday, October 2nd, and will conclude on Sunday, October 4th and will be hosted and run by Rogue on their team's Twitch channel, which you can find here:

We'll be running 3, 12-hour days in total, with each day starting at 10 AM ET, and ending at around 10 PM ET.

Here's some guidelines for your submissions:

-You can submit up to 3 games, with 3 categories per game you submit for. If you run multiple games, submit them! We'd love to see what you'd like to offer to run for the event!

-Runs on Emulators are okay, so long as they are permitted in the official category rules for your game/category in accordance with's leaderboards.

-Unfortunately, we will not be taking races for this marathon. Please submit your runs as a solo runner.

-If you have any donation incentives for your run, please contact one of the event organizers on Discord, as we will be handling writing those up separately from the Oengus page.

-All submissions require video proof, and submissions that may include profanity in the commentary is okay, but please keep in mind should your run be accepted, we will be running the event as a PG-13 sort of stream. Please refrain from swearing, bigotry, etc, and just generally use common sense for live marathon ettiquette.

-Due to the 12-hour day formatting of this event, we'll be looking for shorter to mid-length runs primarily, but don't be discouraged from submitting some of your longer runs! We will be reviewing everything you submit in the hopes of putting together an awesome, jam-packed schedule of fantastic runs the speedrunning community has to offer!

For more information, questions, or concerns, please reach out to any one of the event admins: AmberCyprian, Davesterio, TGH_sr, Zojalyx, or Argick.

For sponsorship or marketing inquiries with a member of Rogue's staff, please reach out to Miguel "Narwharrior" Dooley via email: [email protected]

For more information about The AbleGamers Charity that we're supporting, please check out their website here:

Use this link to invite other folks to the event's Discord server, and spread the word about the event!