UKSG Autumn 2020










UKSG Autumn is coming back with another online event. In order to keep things safe in this current unstable situation we will be holding UKSG Autumn online, with no IRL elements.
As this is an online event please be aware of the additional technical requirements:

>We require you to stream your gameplay through your own Twitch channel, this can be a secondary/hidden account
You need to use a webcam
You need to be able to stream at a bitrate of 2000 minimum, 3500 preferred or 6000 optimally.

As always, you are required to have joined the discord by the end of submissions

Submissions are open until 25th of September (8pm BST)
Cuts will be released shortly after submissions close.
Schedule will be released approximately 1 week later.

The event will be starting at 11am on the Friday and ending at 1am on the Sunday Night, with Breaks between 1am and 11am.

If you have any questions regarding submissions/scheduling please contact @Indi#8510 (Head of Events and Schedule) (Schedule Staff)

If you have any Tech-related questions please ask in the Discord via #tech-talk.


We require every attendee to read through these following things carefully as you may be suspended from future events by not following those rules:

Terms of Agreement: ToA

Code of Conduct: CoC

Submission Guideline: Guidelines

Contact Info

Please join the public discord:
We require runners to have joined the discord by the time submissions close in order to be accepted into the marathon, as discord is our official means of communication.