Anime Speedruns Festival









Anime Speedruns Festival is an online weekend event, featuring your favorite anime games and some of the most legendary speedrunners from around the planet. Summon your strength and come join us for the hype starting on May 13th 8:00PM EST to May 16th 1:00 AM EST. (開始は5月14日9:00時から5月16日朝4:00時まで。)

*Time is adjusted on this page for where you live and this is a global event for all countries.

The event will be supporting World Central Kitchen, raising funds for providing food for the victims of floods in Africa and the conflicts in Ukraine. You can check more information here:

We will be hosting the event live on SPEEDGAMING found here:

There will be restreams of the event in Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and German. If you would like to help with the restream or with the event please join the discord!

What Games to submit?

This marathon is focused primarily on games that are based on an anime. Here are some examples of series you can submit.

Demon Slayer
Attack on Titan
Dragon Ball
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Fullmetal Alchemist
One Piece
Fairy Tail
Cory in the House
and many many more

What is required of the speedrunner?

It is necessary to submit a video of your recorded run, have commentary included. As well as, including the time you will be available during the marathon. Joining the discord is a requirement to participating as it will be the main place of communication. You must be able to stream to twitch.

You will be allowed to submit 3 different games, and 3 categories for each of those games. If you submit a race, its best to have the race partner also submit and join the discord, as well as co-commentators.

Factors for acceptance will include, runners submission, commentary, and the quality of the run. It's always recommended to use camera, have addition couch commentary if you need it. If you don't get accepted don't worry there will be more chances. Sometimes its a matter of time, and giving everyone a fair chance to play.

Extra info

Our events are family friendly so we hope to not have foul language, and being sensitive to communities around the world nothing overly sexualized or that might be inappropriate.

->Submissions were open from February 25th, 2022. Submissions closed on March 25th 2022.<-
The schedule wasreleased the very next week.

More questions be sure to head to Anime Speedruns Discord, or message one of the admins listed on the page. We hope to have you have a fantastic time at this event.

*This page was updated on May 13th