Bingothon Winter 2021










Returning for yet another installment, Bingothon Winter 2021 is once again providing you with a stream full of bingos and thereby raising money for a good purpose.

Please read these guidelines and information before you submit for this marathon:

  • Submissions will last from Monday, September 27th to Sunday, October 31st.
  • Once the submissions-phase is over, we will work on a schedule and release this as soon as possible.
  • Bingothon Winter 2021 will take place on the weekend from November 26th to November 29th on the Bingothon Twitch channel as well as the Twitch channel of SpeedRunsLive, so make sure to follow both of them so you don't miss the marathon.
  • For more information on submissions we have provided some general guidelines you should follow:
    • The content you submit must be in a "bingo" format. This means no "normal speedruns" are accepted
    • When submitting a race/co-op-run/etc., ONE person will create and submit the race. This person can then share an invite link to the submission to the other racers.
    • Your submission must include a video
    • After submitting, please make sure that you joined our Bingothon Discord Server
    • We welcome any incentives you may have and even encourage you to submit some.
    • You will have to use bingosync for the marathon, since that will be used to capture the bingo card. If your bingo isn't listed there and you do not have a solution with a custom card, please contact Floha258#1968 and we can work out a solution

Discord will be the main tool for all forms of communication leading up to the main event and the way for the scheduling team to contact you. If you don't have an account yet, please get one here and join the Bingothon Server. If you have any questions, please contact Floha258#1968 on Discord.

For more information on Bingothon, do not hesitate to also take a look at our website!


During the entire duration of game submissions, we also are looking for volunteers that will be of great help during Bingothon Winter 2021! Specifically, we are looking for host volunteers and stream tech volunteers. You may find all the info you need, including link to the application forms on the Master Information Post on our website, or you may click on the links below:

Host Volunteer Application Form

Stream Tech Volunteer Application

Remember that if you do decide to apply as a volunteer, you MUST join our Discord server!

Our mission for Bingothon Winter 2021

Bingothon Winter 2021 will once again be benefitting Fred Hutch, who's research covers a wide variety of viruses and other diseases, including COVID-19 and cancer! You may find more about what they do on their website!