BSG Marathon 33









The date and time

From: February 8th – 12:00 CET

Till: February 9th– 20:00 CET (and then afterparty/cleanup till ~ 21:00)


Esports Game Arena

Raadhuisstraat 134

2406 AJ Alphen aan den Rijn


Public Transport

Bus/Train: Stop at Station Alphen a/d Rijn. It's within walking distance from there.

Contact info

Please join the public discord. We require runners to have joined the Discord by the time submissions close in order to be accepted into the marathon, as Discord is our official means of communication:


You can submit runs by clicking "Submit runs" on the left-hand menu. Please keep submissions to a maximum of 5 games. If you have a preferred run, please state this in the "Category description".

Submissions will close on January 26th (6 pm CEST).

Mass housing

Mass housing will be available, in the vicinity of the venue. Tickets for these slots will be available through our ticketing system and will open soon after the preliminary schedule is released. Keep in mind that these tickets have limited availability.

Entry fee

The event will cost €7,- for the entire weekend. Tickets can be bought at {to be announced} after the schedule has been released. We require runners to have bought a ticket a week in advance (February 2nd, 11pm CET), to ensure the runner will be available during the event.

Food and drinks

Due to venue terms of use, we are required to not allow any drinks into the venue. Both drinks and food are provided by the bar in the venue.


Our marathon is proud supporter of the Dutch Cancer Society, an organization focussed on curing and preventing cancer as well as helping relieve the strain on the people suffering from this disease. As such you are welcome to submit donation incentives along your submissions or donate to this great cause during the marathon.

Runners from outside of the Benelux

We have had the question a few times if runners from outside the Benelux are welcome so we figured we would emphasize it here. Yes, everyone is very welcome to join us. If you are from outside the Benelux and would like to attend, feel free to submit as a runner or join us at the venue as a viewer.

Terms of Agreement

Code of Conduct