Eggathon 2 - Egg Harder








Welcome to Eggathon 2: Egg Harder!

Eggathon is a speedrunning marathon dedicated to the roundest bird pre-children and protein packages in the world. Returning from last year, we're looking for some hard-boiled runs this time around - we want to see you play on a game's most difficult settings. Of course, we're still giving priority to eggy runs over non-eggy runs.

Whether your game has a playable egg character, "egg" in the title, eggs as a collectible, or eggs just generally in the game somewhere on-screen for a couple of seconds, if you can find a way to justify its inclusion it'll be considered. Being "technically allowed" is very much in the Eggathon spirit - for example, if a game has no difficulty settings then technically you're always playing on the hardest difficulty...

Submissions close Thursday 22nd September 2022. Schedule will be announced within a week of submissions closing. Marathon starts on Friday 14th October 2022 (World Egg Day).

All runs must have English commentary provided by either yourself or a commentator.

Money raised goes to support RSPB, the bird and wildlife conservation charity. Last year we raised £100 to help terns protect their chicks and provide food and nesting for swifts and puffins. We hope to be able to continue this support this year.