Fleet Fest III - PlayStation Motivation









Fleet Fest III: PlayStation Motivation is coming in March 2021! The event will celebrate the often-overlooked (at least by speedrunning marathons) PlayStation family of consoles.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PERFORM YOUR RUN ON A PLAYSTATION, but for best consideration, your game should have been released for either the PS1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. And if you want to submit a Metroid or a Halo or a Zelda, I won't absolutely say no to those either, but they'll probably be a step behind when it comes to submission priority.

The event is set for March 19-21 (adjustable depending on submission volume). Submissions will close February 21 and may be done either here or on speedrun.com, both will carry equal weight. Please note that all submission videos must include a runner mic. I'd like the event to take donations as well, and after the first two Fleet Fests ably supported my local food bank, I'm willing to benefit another cause this time around. Please join up to the Discord with any ideas you may have on any of this, and let's have a great marathon!!