Fangame Marathon 2021










Fangame Marathon is a community-held event where you can submit speedruns, showcases, TASes, or other creative outlets for any type of Fangame out there! As long as it's not developed by the same company that made the game it's based off, we welcome you to submit it here. If you're interested in submitting but you're not sure you're "good enough" to run anything, we implore you to pick a Fangame you enjoy playing and submit it anyway; we far prefer people who bring a friendly and entertaining atmosphere to their run or showcase over a lightning-fast speedrun (although it is a bonus if you can do both).

After the marathon concludes, we always finish the event off with a few additional bonus runs for fun. You may be asked to have your run done during this time if the Tech Crew thinks it’d fit well.

Special Events sheet

We would love to have more members in the Tech Crew this year. We have various major and minor roles that we are always looking for help with, from restreaming and organization to highlighting video segments and managing our social media throughout the event. We would especially like to recruit new help this year for creating the highlight reel, which will incorporate memorable clips from throughout the marathon. If you would like to volunteer for any role, please contact a Tech Crew member through Discord.

Code of Conduct

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