InstaSpeedathon 2021










Event Information

Submissions Open: 19th of October 2020
Submissions Close: 10th of January 2021
Cuts and Schedule by 17th of January 2021
Finalised Schedule by 14th of February 2021
Event Start Date: 19th of February 2021
Event End Date: 21st of February 2021

InstaSpeedathon 2021 will be an Online speedrunning marathon hosted at the EveryoneCan Gaming Centre and will be broadcast on the InstaSpeedathon Twitch Channel. Following this announcement, InstaSpeedathon 2021 will now be Online Only

Speedrun Requirements

We are currently looking at accommodating this event through a private RTMP service which you will be given details of prior to your run. Once cuts have been made, streaming requirements will be provided to runners in the Discord server. As a bare minimum, a bitrate of at least 1500kbps will be required, though we would prefer you stream at a bitrate of 2500-3000kbps. If you cannot stream at a bitrate of at least 1500kbps, we may not be able to accept your run, but this will depend on many different factors.

If we are unable to set up private RTMP servers, you will be streaming to your Twitch Channel and capturing it to the InstaSpeedathon 2021 livestream.

You may have up to 3 couchers with you during your run. Races/co-op runs may have up to 2 runners with 1 coucher per runner.


Following this announcement, InstaSpeedathon 2021 will now be Online Only


InstaSpeedathon at Level Up 2020 will be raising money for Everyone Can.