We are accepting runs only from people in or around SADX, SA2B, Sonic Heroes, Shadow, or Sonic 06 speedrunning communities or sub-communities, however those 5 games themselves will not be accepted to this marathon.

We are aiming for a 3-day event and we are open to 24-hour days if we have the necessary submissions to accommodate it.

Since you will be running a game that most viewers will be unfamiliar with please be prepared to have informative commentary during the run either from yourself or from a commentator(s). It would be preferable if informative commentary could be present in your run submission too, however the commentary doesn't necessarily have to be coming from anyone involved in the submission, so for example you could submit an existing marathon run of the game that someone else has done.

We're not a leaderboard so you're free to submit any version, including emulator versions, of any non-SAESR game. You can also submit any category, including made-up categories and long categories, however for long categories please expect to be playing at anti-social times such as nights and mornings.

In the submission form there is the question "Which Community/Sub-Community are you from?" Please give an answer such as "SA2", "Chungus Heroes", "Savac's Stream", etc. This question is only being asked because we don't know everyone from every sub-community and we want to make sure that we're open to every corner of every SAESR community and sub-community,