UKSG Red 2023 will be on-site!

We're excited to announce that the United Kingdom Speedrunner Gathering will be returning in 2023! We're moving to a triannual format with three events a year, starting with UKSG Red 2023!

UKSG Red 2023 will take place in Glasgow, Scotland on the weekend of 28-29 January. We can't wait to see you all!


We will be hosting the event at:

Leonardo Hotel Glasgow
80 Jamaica St
G1 4QG

Google Maps Link


Game & incentive submissions open: 07 October 2022
Game & incentive submissions close: 16 December 2022
**Please submit incentives here

Volunteer submissions open: 9th December 2022
Volunteer submissions close: 23rd December 2022

Schedule will be revealed soon after submissions close on our Twitch channel!


While definitive times will be given at the schedule reveal, we anticipate that the event will start at approximately 10 AM on Saturday 28 January, and will end by 10 PM on Sunday 29 January.

We are not planning any breaks - we're hoping to go through the night (runners and volunteers allowing), so bring your Irn Bru!


IMPORTANT Console runners: We only have a PC for game runs. If running on console, please bring your own console with appropriate cabling for either a RetroTink 5-Pro(Component/Composite/S-Video, RGB or SCART), or direct HDMI output to our capture card

  • Emulator runs are allowed if you do not have a console, or are unable to bring your console
  • You are required to have joined the UKSG Discord server in order for your submissions to be considered:
  • For onsite events, all attendees including runners and volunteers are required to buy a ticket for the event. Tickets will be announced at a later date on our Discord. Please buy your ticket before the deadline for runner tickets, typically two weeks before the event


We require every attendee to read through the following rules carefully. By submitting and/or attending, you are agreeing to the following rules, and you may be suspended from future events by not following them:

Terms of Agreement: Click here
Code of Conduct: Click here
Submission Guideline: Click here

Contact Info

Please join the UKSG Discord server here

If you have any submission/scheduling related questions, please contact the Scheduling Team in the #submissions channel.
If you have any tech related questions, please contact the Tech Team in the #tech-talk channel.

We require runners to have joined the discord in order to submit and be accepted into the marathon, as Discord is our official means of communication and running the event