ZSRMarathon 2021










ZeldaSpeedRuns is pumped to announce the ZSR Marathon 2021, our first full marathon since 2018!
ZSRM is an online gathering of every Zelda speedrunning community for 3 days of nonstop speedruns, races, randomizers, and everything that makes our community special.
This year, we will be gathering funds for our dear friends of PANCREATIC CANCER CANADA and their PancONE fundraising project.

During the marathon, there will be tons of prizes, incentives and challenges to give something back to people who support.
The marathon will take place on our main Twitch channel

We will be hosting the marathon, commentary and everything else through the ZeldaSpeedRuns Discord server

As for submissions, we are looking for any Zelda speedrunning or randomizer content. It is our hope that we will be able to feature every Zelda game there is, and this includes the side games, CD-i, Tingle games, Cadence of Hyrule and so on. As a community, we want to be as inclusive as possible, and make everyone feel like a part of it.

Races, Bingos, Crowd Control, challenge runs and the likes are also very welcome.

Note that we require a certain proof of capability in form of a PB video, a previous marathon participation, or similar.
During the event, you will stream to a dedicated streaming host instead of your own channel.
For more information, check our ZSRM rules page and the news article.