ASF 2023 - Anime Speedrun Festival










Anime Speedrun Festival, also known as ASF, is a 4 day event celebrating all anime games and their speedruns. This event will be online, and is open to all runners around the world!

The event will be held on MAY 11th to the MAY 15th 2023. The starting time is pending currently.

You can watch the event over at In addition you can watch extra English commentary on our official channels.

In addition the event will be restreamed in :

Japanese at
Portuguese at
Spanish at
French at

If your are interested in restreaming in another language not listed please contact DBcade on Discord. In particular we are looking for German, Arabic, and Russian restreams.


There are several things you will need to do in order to apply to the event, please make sure to take the time to read and consider the following if you are intent on participating as a speedrunner,
or volunteer staff.


In order to apply to this event as a speedrunner you must login to oengus with your account, which requires attaching your twitch or discord.
You will also be required to join the ASF discord, where you will be given a special role, but where you can assign yourself any roles you would like.

You do not need to be participating in the event to join the discord! We have a very active and healthy community over at


You will fill in a form on this site with you available time during the event. If you have more than one available time slot, please enter as many times as you want.

If the available time to participate is extremely short, there is a possibility that you will be rejected because your run will not be able to be fit into the schedule.


You will need to submit a video submission through this site, with commentary. The video can be specifically made for the submission (suggested) or of your choosing.

When applying in order to be considered please consider the following points which can help your chances to get accepted.
-Make sure you have a stable and reliable internet connection.
-Your submission video and live video quality of the game needs to be decent.
-Good Commentary is a must, if you are unable to commentate, its best to consider reaching out in the ASF community or your games community, or someone.
-Camera is not required but is recommended.
-Game skill and knowledge is more important than the runners record. If the submitter has only run the game once it would not be likely to be accepted.
-Entertainment Value of the game is important. It's hard to pinpoint this but this could be difficulty, glitches, humor, skill, or all of the above that is emphasized.


You are allowed to submit 3 different games per person. The genre does not matter, please see the "What is an anime game" or reach out to the staff of the event to ask if a game meets the anime game standard.

You are also allowed to submit 3 categories for each game.

Make sure to give extra details, the correct game dimension and Enter the time you can complete the run, taking into account some mistakes. Not a personal best.


It is important to notate the hardware you are playing on. If you are playing on a special platform or have a question please reach out to staff regarding this.


These follow the same conditions as other runs but are actually given priority. Make sure when one runner submits to the site they give the code of the submission to their co op or versus partner to
enter when they do their submissions. Only one person will have to enter the game and category info. But both runners will need to join the discord, fill the availability after signing in, and meet the requirements.


Its best to share your twitter, youtube, etc, the more that we can promote you before, during, or after the event.

What is an anime game

Anime Games in the context of this event, are games that are based of an anime or manga that came before it or at the same time. If the anime is based off a game that preceded, it would not be accepted.

Here are a couple of acceptable examples

-Attack on titan
-Fist of the North Star
-Hello Kitty
-Initial D
-JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
-Little Nemo
-Ninja Hattori kun
-Onegai My Melody
-Parasite Eve
-Sailor Moon
-Urusei Yatsura
-Vampire Hunter D
-Yo Kai Watch

You can not submit games banned on twitch. Visual novel games are usually not accepted unless there is an additional game mechanic.


The participants, volunteers, and schedule will be announced on official ASF platforms after signs ups close on March 26th.