Decent Speedies THREE










Please make sure you join the Discord so you can be notified of acceptance. You can join the Discord here:

Decent Speedies is a team led by WarwickSTL & Radiooptimism, 2 speed runners that thought it was a fun idea to introduce a new kind of speed run event! One that isn't so strict overall; where fun & good times is the focus of the event. You'll notice by the name that in order to submit your run, you don't have to be the absolute best runner out there. Just as long as you're decent & consistent with your run time, you have a chance to be a part of the event! Just because you're lower on the leaderboards doesn't mean you won't be accepted into the event. With that, we would also be honored to receive submissions from the top speed runners!

We currently have an amazing staff of: DoubleDubbel, PaulSaltine, TaruPanther, and taterboy09.

For our DS3 event, we will run a 24-hour event total. The event will start at 8 am CST on February 27, 2021 - 8 pm CST and then continue at 8 am CST on February 28th, 2021 - 8 pm CST.

We will once again be supporting Extra Life. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised over $70 million USD for sick and injured kids. Right now, children's hospitals need YOUR support. Be a hero. You can help us in our cause by joining the Decent Speedies Extra Life team today and raise funds for the Texas Children's Hospital.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter at for updates on the event.

Reminder for Submission Videos:

1.) This is for FUN. The one thing we love seeing is that everyone is passionate and wants to make sure their run commentary or submissions is perfect. However, we don't want that to be the focus. Do we want good run commentary? OF COURSE. But your run submission is simply just to show us you know your game, and are capable of commentating on it.

2.) In the past, we have received a lot of very good submissions that's a PB with little to no commentary. Submitting videos like this will more than likely hurt your chances of being accepted into the event. Please keep in mind that this time around, we are requiring runs are submitted with commentary.

3.) There is no reason to be nervous about a run submission. Focus on your game and commentary. If there is something missing or you notice a mistake, you can resubmit. Remember when submitting your run, that this might be the first time folks are ever seeing your game run. Keep that in the front of your mind when doing commentary. Some good ideas would be putting together a few short sentences to give the audience a synopsis of what your game is about--is the game is RNG heavy? Does the game include multiples glitches/resets? What type of game is it? (platformer, rogue-like, RTS, FPS, etc) or what games you might compare it to? We love seeing a 30-90 second intro to your game/game techniques you will be using/etc.

4.) UPDATE: 1/20/2021 -- We are implementing a 2:22:22 (2 hour, 22 minute, 22 second) maximum time estimate on each run submission.

5.) Run submissions must be in English.

6.) Since we are not marked as a "Mature Content" channel on Twitch, we cannot allow swearing in runs.