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ESA Summer 2022 is a week-long in-person speedrunning marathon at the Quality Hotel View in Malmö (Sweden) with the primary goal of raising money for our charity partner Save the Children. Their goal is to improve the lives of children everywhere through better education, health care, and economic opportunities. Save the Children respond to major emergencies, deliver innovative development programmes, and ensure children’s voices are heard through our campaigning to build a better future for and with children.

For this event we are looking for on-site showcases only and won't be featuring online runs.

To view the schedule, please visit

Key Dates

  • Submission Phase: April 3rd (16:00 CEST) - April 17th (including)
  • First Accepts & Cuts: May 6th
  • Tickets Available: May 15 (16:00 CEST)
  • Volunteer Applications: April 23rd – May 22nd (including). Applicants can expect a reply by June 5th
  • Hotel Booking Available: May 15 (16:00 CEST)
  • Submission Phase for Chase Games & unreleased games: May 23rd - May 25th (including)
  • Schedule Release: May 29th
  • Doors Open: July 22nd
  • Marathon Dates: July 23rd - July 30th


Going back to regular live events means that we will also go back to our previous submission cycle timeline. This comes with three major changes:

  • Timeline: The submission timeline will start much earlier and produce a schedule eight weeks before the event. More planning security for everybody!
  • Two Cuts:
    • The first cut will pick out all the games we are interested in and already confirm a good amount of the final picks.
    • The second cut happens at the same time as the schedule release and isolate the final games list. Games cut in the second round would be given priority when choosing backup games.
    • The time in between the first cut and the release of the full game list has the purpose of giving us more time to make our minds up about the more difficult decisions as well as giving runners an opportunity to improve in all aspects (and make our decisions even harder).
    • Pitching games that you have not yet learnt or mastered is OK. But you need to show actively significant (weekly) progress after the point that your submission passes the first cut.
  • Second submission phase:
    Chase games are games that we would like to have in the marathon but are not yet released by the end of the submission phase. For these particular games and other games unreleased at the time of the first submission phase we will have separate submissions.


There is a limit of five submissions per runner. You can submit multiple different categories for the same game, but these will count towards your personal total.

Please read our full Submission Guidelines before submitting.

ESA carries out suitability checks on runners and commentators based on the information included in your submission(s). Please be aware that ESA reserves the right to decline runners or commentators for behaviour outside of the event as judged against the ESA Code of Conduct. By submitting you agree to these terms and conditions.

Required Text Fields

Leaderboard Links

Please provide the links to the leaderboards of games you submitted, whether they exist on or elsewhere. If there are no leaderboards relevant to your submission, feel free to provide a meme of your choice instead to fulfil the requirements of the form.

Donation Incentives / Bid Wars

If there are any donation incentives and / or bid wars that you would like to submit with your game(s), please submit them here separated by game. Keep in mind that the description of the incentive / bid war should be able to explain the content to somebody who has no idea about the game.


Marathons like this one are impossible without the hard working volunteers behind them. Please consider applying here:

Prize Submissions

Prizes are a great way to incentivize more donations towards a good cause. If you wish to give away something awesome in the name of charity, please send an e-mail to [email protected] .


If you have any questions, PM either Fatzke#4192, eTho#5871 or EnglishBen#1572 on the ESA Discord. We’re happy to help!