Fast Pace for Pride










Following the incredible success of the0nlymarath0n back in February of this year, the Fast Paced Events Staff are excited to announce our next marathon (and our new, annual Summer event), Fast Pace for Pride, benefitting the It Gets Better Project!

Event Info

The marathon will be held on our own Twitch channel between Friday, August 5th, and Sunday August 7th, beginning at 10 AM ET (UTC-4) on Friday, for three 12-hour days ending at 10 PM ET on Sunday. This will NOT be a continuous, 24 hours/day marathon.

All participants in the event MUST be age 18 or older to appear on our Twitch channel.

Key Dates:

  • Game Submissions Open: Wednesday, June 1st @ 12pm ET / 4pm UTC
  • Game Submissions Close: Wednesday, June 15th @ 11:59pm ET / Thursday 16 June 3:59am UTC
  • Schedule Release: Saturday, July 16th
  • Mandatory Tech Checks (Runners, Commentators, & Hosts): Sunday, July 17th - Tuesday, August 2nd
  • Live Event: Friday, August 5th - Sunday, August 7th

Important Links:

Submission Details:

  • Potential runners must be in our Discord server, as that's our main method of communication. Oengus will run a check to see if you're in our server before you submit, so this should not be an issue.
  • Submission videos must contain a completed run of the submitted game and category, under estimate, by the same runner(s) who submitted. Submissions that do not follow this rule will be disqualified.
  • Submissions of any game and category are allowed, including races of up to 4 runners.
  • Commentary in submission videos is strongly recommended. Commentary is an important part of a marathon run, and submitting without a commentary example will impact your chance of being selected.
  • It is the most helpful to the Games Committee if you submit a video that is representative of you as a showcase runner. The following hierarchy shows what types of submission videos are the most helpful when we are trying to get a feel for you as a person/how you interact with others on stream!

Previous marathon run = Dedicated submission video > PB with commentary > No Reset Run with commentary > PB without commentary

  • If none of your submission videos include commentary, please provide an example of your marathon-style commentary in the optional field we will provide you when you are submitting, ideally in the form of a YouTube or Twitch video link. This example does not need to feature a game you submitted, and may be a past marathon run, submission video for another event, etc.

Providing a commentary example using the optional method listed above is not required, but will greatly increase your chances of being selected!

  • If you plan to submit a race, you will be required to have at least one commentator appointed to your run should it be accepted. Runner mics will not be on during a race, but will be allowed before and after the race as the opening and closing to the run. From past experience, racer mics + commentator mics makes the race harder to follow, especially in an online format where talking over each other is inevitable because latency is a thing.
  • Webcam is never a requirement, it will always remain optional. vTubers are welcome, too!


Please be aware we are vetting all of our volunteers, runners, and their commentators during the lead-in to the event via their public social media. Bigotry, harassment, and otherwise inappropriate and/or disrespectful conduct is not permitted. We reserve the right to bar a runner, commentator, or volunteer from participating in this and future events if we feel they have violated this rule. Your personal information will not be shared without your explicit consent. If you don't have any public social media, don't worry! You are still allowed to submit and your submissions are still very welcomed, valid, and appreciated! <3


The It Gets Better Project is a nonprofit organization with a mission to uplift, empower, and connect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer youth around the globe. In 2010, LGBTQ+ people and their allies all over the world uttered three words that would give rise to a global movement — it gets better. A wildly successful social media campaign was born, with more than 70,000 people sharing their stories to provide hope and encouragement to young LGBTQ+ people. IGBP is a global non-profit that reaches millions of young people each year through inspiring media programming, educational resources, international affiliates in 19 countries, and access to an arsenal of community-based service providers.