Green Gaming Fest Fall 2022










About Us

Green Gaming Fest is a biannual charity marathon held virtually that takes place near Earth Day and in October 6 months after Earth day. We're speedrunning to save the planet! Each year we'll pick a charity that is looking to make an impact on our climate crisis. We only have one planet to live on and we should do what we can to make sure we can co-exist. Please join our efforts!

This year we are choosing Mother of Corals - to find out more about them, visit their site:

Donation page:

Submission Guidelines:

  • All runs, races, romhacks, challenge runs, and randomizers are considered! We're looking mainly for runners or runs that are interesting, fun, can have incentives, and have a passion for helping charity.
  • Our theming will be spooky to fit the season, but all games are considered, so don't be afraid to submit if it isn't spooky!
  • We ask that your run be at least 20 minutes in length. Though if you'd like to combine multiple runs, you may!
  • Stream settings will be 720p 30fps at around 1500-2500 kbps without losing frames playing your game of choice.
  • You must be willing and able to stream to an RTMP server - we will teach you how to set this up, but it means your run will only be live on the marathon. All runs will be uploaded after the marathon and shared to anyone whom asks if they wish to upload to their own channels. - Make sure your streaming software supports RTMP - OBS is preferred!
  • You must have a clean audio setup; All audio sources are separate from each other and mic should not have any background noise it can pickup. We can help set this up.
  • Face cam is not required, but we enjoy those who use one. 4 player Races will not have cam available. Vtubers are ok with moderator approval
  • Tracker overlay, controller overlay, and other extra features that help explain the run are allowed with some review as to how they might be placed on the overlay.
  • Discord membership is required for runners and any couch members and will be checked for final decisions on which runs are accepted. Couch is optional, you may have up to 3, but runs should have some sort of commentary!
  • Submissions close September 16th into 17th at midnight EST, you can check our Discord for a local timestamp!


If you'd like to help out by being a host reading donations, a director switching scenes and or setting up runs, running social media, or making sure chat is entertained... Sign up here:


If you'd like to feature your game, product, or other service during the event - email us: teamgreengamingtwitch at