Pizza Time 5










Pizza time is back!!! And with this being its 5th iteration, it is bigger than ever!!!

This will be the first year with a total of 3 days of speedrunning action, and for that, the turtles will be teaming up!

Ninja Day!

On June 2nd all runs will be related to some Ninja themed type of game (Ninja Gaiden, Shinobi, Mystical Ninja, etc)

Day 2:
Turtle Friends!
Has there ever been a crossover between a character on a game you run and Turtles? Well.. this is your day!

The following and more are allowed! Batman, Power Rangers, Sonic, anyone from the Injustice Universe, Anyone from the Nickelodeon All Star-Brawl, Battletoads and more! (PS. Pizza Related games are also our friends, after all, this is Pizza Time)

Day 3:
The main stage for our turtle friends, grab a slice of pizza and enjoy our favorite mutant heroes kick some Shredder's butt on a full action packed Sunday!

Charity cause for this year wil be announced later and will be set via the in-app twitch charity functionality.

Sign ups open until May 7th 23:59 CDT

Schedule Announcement May 14th

Marathon Dates:
Day 1 - June 2
Day 2 - June 3
Day 3 - June 4

(Keep those days in mind when submitting a game as they would only be selected for their themed day)

See you in June and Cowabunga!!!