Runs To The Rescue








[[ATTENTION FOLKS THAT SUBMITTED]] Due to the mixed submission (Oengus/Google) nature of this event, I ask that you check one of the following spots for accurate information on run selection/schedule:

  • Runs to the Rescue Discord (link in the event on Oengus)
  • My personal Twitter (@Ichi_Twan)
  • This description section for the event on Oengus

[[Run selection update]] Check the Discord server or my personal Twitter for a complete list of runs selected.

I will try to update in all three spots simultaneously with information about the event. As it currently stands, I hope to have run selection/schedule completed by October 18th. Thanks!

Runs to the Rescue is a speedrun marathon with a focus on folks new to speedrunning and new speedruns for established speedrunners! Have you learned a run recently? Submit it to Runs to the Rescue! (If you want to submit and you're not new to speedrunning /you've been running your game for a while, that's okay too! The "focus" exists just to let people know that you don't have to be The Best Ever to submit to the event.)

Marathon Dates: November 5th - 7th, 2021

Refer to these times when listing your availability:

Nov. 5th: 6PM - 10PM EDT

Nov. 6th: 10AM - 10PM EDT

Nov. 7th: 10AM - 6PM EST

During this marathon, money will be raised in support of the Wake County SPCA (TwanM4n's dog, Remy, and his good friend Zia were both adopted from the Wake County SPCA). We will have a few donation incentives through Tiltify this year! You can find the Wake County SPCA here:

DM @Ichi_Twan on Twitter if you have any questions or see any issues. Thanks!