UKSM Online Winter 2021










UKSM Online is back and better than ever!

We're raising money, once again, for the fantastic Special Effect! We've worked with them many times over the past few years, and they are still one of the best charities out there. They help disabled kids live their best lives, by giving them custom build peripherals tailor-made to allow them to play video games. Do you want to help children get their game on? Then this charity speedrunning marathon is for you!

The UKSM Online Winter event will be running from 12 Noon 'till 10PM on all four days! All times are in GMT!

REMINDER - While we do style ourselves as "UK"SM, we do accept runners from all over the globe! As this is an online event, we would love to see some global representation at this UKSM event!


You must be 16 or over! Usually, in our IRL events, we have a 16 or older policy, and we would like to keep this as standard for our stream.

A minimum of 2500 Bitrate In Your Stream - As this is an online marathon and we will be restreaming your gameplay we can't have a stream that is overly compressed, it looks gross on a restream! As such, if you cannot stream at a minimum of 2500 or below please do not submit to this marathon.

You must have a webcam or be prepared to share your gameplay inputs! We want this show to be entertaining to our viewers so we can try to get the most donations possible, having an empty space in the corner of our overlay is not a good look for you or us! Alternately if you can think of "something special" to put in the corner, please write it down when you submit. We're open to entertaining suggestions!

JOIN OUR DISCORD - All our communication goes through discord, if you do not join discord by the end of the submission window then your submission will NOT be counted.