• Volunteer Applications Open: April 26, 2021
  • Game Submissions Open: May 3, 2021
  • Volunteer Applications Close: May 24, 2021
  • Game Submissions Close: June 4, 2021
  • Games List Released: June 11, 2021


FIRST FASTS is a charity marathon focusing on “first” speedruns!

We’re looking for runners who want to showcase and share what drew them to speedrunning, what kept them going, and to reflect on how the game, its community, and speedrunning in
general have influenced them over time.

You don’t have to submit your literal first game/category combination--you can submit the first run you were serious about, the first run that you really enjoyed, whatever you think of as your entry point to speedrunning!

If you're still going strong today on the game you first started with, that’s awesome! You probably have a lot of stories to tell! If you stopped 5 years ago and the landscape has changed, that’s also awesome! What's it like to pick up the game again?

Submission info:

You don't have to submit the literal first game you learned if you don’t want to for any reason.

The spirit of the event is to reflect upon how speedrunning has affected you or changed your life, so if the second or third game you learned has had a more meaningful impact or the very first game you learned was just plain not fun, that’s all okay. Run (get it?) with the spirit of the idea rather than the letter of it. Because we're taking an expansive definition of "first", we're allowing two game submissions with two categories each! A maximum of one run per runner will be selected for the marathon.

If the game gives you talking points similar to the below questions, it’s a good choice.

  • What drew you to speedrunning?
  • What made you want to run this game as your first?
  • Did you meet new people through speedrunning this game?
  • What does this game or run mean to you?
  • What did it teach you that has stuck with you?
  • How did your running/gameplay evolve?
  • What would you tell new speedrunners looking to play this game?

Please be aware that we will be selecting runs that will fit in the available runtime, and that submission does not guarantee acceptance to the marathon.


FIRST FASTS is supporting the Trans Women of Color Collective!

From their website:

The mission of Trans Women of Color Collective (TWOCC) is to uplift the narratives, lived experiences, and leadership of trans and gender non-conforming people of color, their families, and their comrades as we build towards collective liberation for all oppressed people. They achieve this by building economic empowerment and global networks which connect youth with elders, donors with entrepreneurs, healers with the hurting, and collaborators with agitators.

TWOCC cultivates economic opportunities and affirming spaces for Black and brown gender expansive people and their families to build community and engage in healing and restorative justice. Their work elevates those in the community who have had their voices stolen or silenced by transphobia and racism, and seeks to shift the narrative from one of surviving to thriving.

Funds raised go directly to support the operations of TWOCC’s three safe houses, Community Funds, the Sankofa Project and their COVID-19 Rapid Response Relief Fund. More information can be found on the TWOCC website at