Helvetic Speedrun Marathon 3










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Helvetic Speedrunners is a group of Swiss speedrunners organizing and promoting speedruns in Switzerland. So far, we have had two on-site marathons, one online marathon and a handful of small events at local gaming conventions like Fantasy Basel & HeroFest.
HSM#3 will be our first in-person event since 2018! The goal of the event is to revive and reconnect the Swiss speedrun community!


We are happy to announce the event will be held on the 25th of March in the Erupt Gaming Lounge in Bern, which is located directly at the train station Bern Main Station. It's a perfect place to enjoy a cool drink, hang out and play some video- and boardgames. The production and runs will be done in a little side room of the venue that only HSM staff and runners will have access to.

You can find more info about the venue here: https://www.erupt.ch/


  • Submissions: 29th Jan. 2023 16:00 CET - until 12th Feb. 2023 23:59 CET
  • Schedule: 4th Mar. 2023 (There was never a different date here - Yume)
  • Event: 25th Mar. 2023 10:00 CET - until 23:00 CET

Language and Streaming

The event will be held in English, so German, French and Italian speaking Swiss can all attend! The event will be streamed on our Twitch channel as well as inside the venue. There will be small public viewing section inside of Erupt.


Currently, we are not sure if we can capture older consoles without HDMI and integrate them in the marathon that is up to our quality standards. You can submit older games, but be aware that we might need to make the decision to cut all games that can't be captured via HDMI or can be emulated sufficiently.

Feel free to ask any questions in the Discord!