About us

Helvetic Speedrunners is a group of Swiss speedrunners organizing and promoting speedruns in Switzerland. So far we had two marathons and a handful of small events at local gaming conventions. Due to the current situation with COVID-19 we are postponing our on-site marathon and are creating a online marathon!


  • Submissions: 25th Jan. 2020 17:00 CET - until 7th Feb. 2020 23:59 CET
  • Schedule: 14th Feb. 2020
  • Event: 5th Mar. 2020 until 7th Mar. 2020


  • Bitrate: Since this is a online marathon and we want to ensure a baseline of quality. We require you to be able to stream with at least a 2500kbps bitrate. The higher the better. Depending on the game you want to showcase, something lower then 2500kbps might be possible. Ask our staff in the Discord!
  • Discord: Our main plattform of communication will be our Discord Server. If you have not joined our Discord server by the end of submission phase all of your submissions will be rejected.
  • Webcam: We don't require you to have a Webcam for your runs, but if you want to showcase your run with a webcam we would appriciate that!
  • Nationality: You can submit from anywhere around the globe! But Swiss runners will have a slight advantage during the game selection process. But we welcome submission from everybody and everywhere!