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Welcome to Indiethon, a speedrunning marathon showcasing all types of indie games! For the first installment, we'll be supporting Child's Play. They are dedicated to improving the lives of hospitalized kids by providing gaming equipment to over 185 hospitals worldwide. You can find out more about them on their website at

Important Dates

  • The event will take place on the Indiethon Twitch channel on the weekend of January 15h.
  • Submissions are open from November 1st to December 19th at midnight EST.
  • The schedule will be released 2 weeks later on January 2nd.

Submission Guidelines

For this marathon, we are looking for indie games! According to Wikipedia, a indie game is "a video game typically created by individuals or smaller development teams without the financial and technical support of a large game publisher". However, this isn't a hard definition, as there are many edge cases. The game's age or popularity doesn't matter. If you aren't sure if your game fits this definition, submit it anyway and let us be the judge! Some examples of indie games include: Celeste, Hollow Knight, Undertale, Super Meat Boy, Cuphead, homebrew games, and more!

Not only are we looking for indie games, we're also accepting game mods! For your submission to be considered, your game mod must change a large portion of the gameplay/world/other elements. Mods that change graphics, items, etc.. aren't acceptable as they don't change enough of the game. Examples of game mods includes: Kaizo Mario series, Super Metroid: Ascent, ROM Hacks, and more!

  • You must be able to maintain a stream at 720p 30fps 1500kbps, depending on the game the requirements can be lower.
  • You must be able to stream to a RTMP server. If you're not using OBS, SLBOS, or XSplit, please make sure your streaming software supports RTMP before submitting.
  • A facecam is not mandatory but highly recommended for the overall quality of the stream. A vtuber does not qualify as a facecam.
  • Commentary is not necessary but highly recommended in submissions.
  • You must join the Discord after submitting, this is how we keep in touch with you.


Can't submit a run but still want to help out? Become a volunteer! Experience is not necessary and we have numerous positions available such as hosts, restream and setup. Please fill out this form if you're interested.


If you would like to promote your game/service during the event, please contact us via email at .

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via Discord or via email at . We look forward to seeing your submissions!