Running 4 Reels 2023










Running 4 Reels 2023 is back and better than ever. We are a speedrunning marathon that raises money for the Reel Hope Project. An organization that helps to get kids out of the foster care system and into forever families. They show that behind every file they receive there is a kid there. They showcase the beautiful life that is a child and helps to get them adopted into a forever family. We want to help them achieve their dream. For every $600 we raise we are able to fund an entire video for a kid. Our goal this year is 10 Reels or $6000.

We are accepting speedruns and showcases of any variety
-Single run
-Races (For up to 4 players)
-Score Attacks
-Other Various showcases. (Ask in discord)

We want to see anything and everything come to Running 4 Reels 2023. Good luck and we will see you all soon!!!

Some important information

  • We are a family friendly marathon organization. Please avoid submissions that have excessive gore and excessive language as children will be present.
  • Any submissions that promote violence are not going to be accepted (GTA, Hotline Miami, etc.)
  • The Marathon will be online there will be no in-person runs that happen.