SpeedGaming Live 2021 Marathon










Welcome to SpeedGaming Live 2021 Marathon! The marathon will take place November 5th through 9th on twitch.tv/SpeedGaming2. All donations will go towards the prizes for the 2022 tournaments. Submissions close October 1st.

All systems and genres are accepted, including randomizers and bingos.

Time Estimates: For vanilla games please include the time needed for you to do your introductions, and any time you plan to talk after the run, during the credits. For randomizers please tell us a low-end and a high-end for the time estimate. We'll often use the high-end estimate. If you finish early, please think of some "Bonus Content" that you can do to fill the rest of the timeslot.

Though the marathon will run 24 hours/day, if you prefer to play during off-peak times (relative to EST time zone) please make a note in the comments. Higher priority will be given to runners who can play overnight (12am - 8am EST), followed by runners who can play weekday mornings (M-F, 8am - 3pm EST). For longer games (2+ hours), being able to play at off-peak times will be a huge help. Games longer than 4 hours will be hard to accommodate, but you can submit them if you want.

For races, please have all racers submit their availability. Racers are responsible for finding commentators. Please consider your commentator's availability when submitting.

Tracking: if you want a tracker on the layout there are two options:

  • Option 1: Players can display a tracker on their own stream, which we will capture for the restream -- please let us know the tracker aspect ratio -- for races all players should use the same tracker layout.
  • Option 2: The tracker can be added on the restream -- please find a person to operate the tracker during your run -- this will only be possible for games that have an existing tracker in the SG system (i.e. those games for which we're doing tournaments).

Bingo: The easiest method is for you to display the bingo card (legibly sized) on your own stream, and we'll capture it from there. If that isn't possible, we could add the bingo card directly on the restream side.

All runners and commentators should join the SpeedGaming Live Discord server: https://discord.gg/YGzQsUp