SNES Super Stars Marathon 2022










Dates: Friday May 27 -- Monday June 6.
Submissions are officially CLOSED. However we are still accepting backup runs to fill gaps in the schedule that may occur due to cancellations or rescheduling.
Discord server:

Join us for our annual celebration of the Super Nintendo / Super Famicom. Ten days of SNES/SFC speedruns because we love it.

All SNES and SFC games are accepted.
Randomizers and romhacks are allowed.
Races/co-ops have a limit of 4 players. All players please submit your availability through the Oengus site.
Webcam is optional, but there is space for it.
Players, commentators, and volunteers please join the Discord server:


  • Please enter the start and end time on each day you are available by pressing the "Add Availability" button. Don't just enter a range of days; we need to know what times on each day. Please create time ranges that actually represent the range of time each day that you're available.
  • We're asking what ranges of time you're available TO PLAY. Not not just when you're available TO START. The end of a time range represents the latest your run could END, not the latest it could begin. In other words, if you enter a range of time we are assuming both the start AND the end of your run will fit within that range. For example, if your availability range ends at 14:00 that means your run will end at or before 14:00. You would not be playing at 14:01 or beyond.
  • If you are not available to play in the middle of the night, do not include those times within your availability. Don't assume that we know when you sleep or what time zone you're in. The time ranges you enter will be taken literally.
  • The "Availability Notes" text box is for additional information or explanation about your availability. It is not the place to write the start and stop times of your availability. For that you want to click the "Add Availability" button and add each time range.

Off-peak availability -- Please let us know if you prefer to play during off-peak hours (relative to North American timezones). This means:

  • After Midnight any day. (Eastern time)
  • Before Noon on Mon-Fri. (Eastern time)
  • Before 8 AM on Sat-Sun. (Eastern time)
    If so please mention this in the "Availability Notes" box of your submission. It helps very much with the scheduling to have people who volunteer to run during those times, since the majority of people can't do it then.

Whew, that was a lot to read! Thank you for getting through it. We're looking forward to you runs!

If you have any questions, please come discuss it in Discord: