Velocity Online Volume 3










Welcome to Team Velocity's third marathon event! We are a community of speedrunners from a variety of different games & series coming together to have a great time showcasing our runs and raising money for charitable causes. Our Velocity events have raised a total of $4,265 USD for different charities and we plan to keep the momentum going this time as we raise money for the Movember Foundation, the leading charity for changing the face of men's health globally. We welcome runners of all backgrounds to join our community for this event! Any game & category will be considered for acceptance into the marathon and we encourage runners to submit as many runs as they would like. Submissions will close November 3rd just before midnight EST.

Here's what you can expect with our community:

  • A friendly environment with zero tolerance for racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia/hate speech in general
  • A diligent staff team who will help you in anyway we can. Our philosophy has and always will be to make things as easy as possible for our runners
  • A community of like-minded speedrunners passionate about our craft and charities

When submitting to our event we ask you to join our discord via this link:
If you have any questions regarding submissions you may post them in our #submissions channel. You are also free to reach out to any of our submission team via discord

  • Thar#1765 (lead organizer)
  • Sanjan#6666
  • Corvimae#7777
  • NicV#6620

We are looking forward to seeing everyone's submissions, thank you and take care!