Sonic and the Glitchless Gauntlet










Hey all, Amber here! You all remember Sonic and the Shiny Things & Sonic and the Side Quests from the last couple of years, surely?

I’m consistently asked about what’s next for the GDQ Hotfix Annual Sonic & Series Event and it is my pleasure to announce the third event in the series: Sonic and the Glitchless Gauntlet!

Event Key Dates and Information:

Twitch Channel: GamesDoneQuick's Twitch Channel
Discord: Fast Paced Events Server
Event Live Dates: April 9th & April 10th 12 PM ET - 10 PM ET both days
Submissions Open: March 9th
Submissions Close: March 25th
Games List & Schedule: March 27th
Mandatory Tech Checks for all runners AND commentators: March 28th - April 8th

All Participants MUST be 18 years old or older to participate. This is in accordance with GamesDoneQuick's Rules.

All accepted runners need to be willing to give permission for GDQ to access your public social media channels in order to complete the vetting process as per their rules regarding their Harassment Policy and unacceptable behavior while off-stream. For some more info on that, please see this: (many of the rules on this page have to do with in person events, but the Harassment Policy and Off-Stream behavior sections are good guidelines in regards to what we look out for during our vetting process). Your commentators are also subject to this vetting process.

As an additional note: Fellow Hotfix Showrunner Hibnotix is joining me this year to assist with Organizing, Game Selection, and Hosting during the event!

Event Criteria:

This year, we are looking for Glitchless and No Major Glitches Categories! These can be anything from Any%/Beat the Game Glitchless, to 100%/All Collectibles categories. As long as it is a Glitchless/NMG run, it is allowed as a submission!

The focus on Glitchless/NMG runs for this event allows a large scope of games in the Sonic Series to be eligible for submission, and we want to especially encourage games that currently do not have any Glitchless runs or leaderboards to be submitted! We love to see people showcase runs that are often viewed as more accessible for newer runners in the series to encourage community and game growth!

When it comes to what games are allowed to be submitted for the event, please consider the following:

ANY game is allowed, but the category being run MUST be Glitchless/No Major Glitches!


Exploiting physics, movement, and level design IS OKAY! In the Sonic Series, generally speaking, a glitchless/NMG run means to play within the intended spirit of the game, and to respect the solidity of objects and walls. Please refer to the rules or community for each individual game though if you are unsure if something falls under a glitch in your run.

Why the sudden focus on these categories? I think they’re fun and really interesting and are oftentimes the most accessible way for someone to get themselves into speedrunning! The most commonly seen Sonic speedruns typically are Glitched runs, and I’d like to show people the other things the series can offer, as well as a reminder that you do not need to speedrun something on the leaderboards to be able to speedrun a category that you think is fun and enjoyable. I’m open to suggestions on how to handle future event themes, and would love to hear from you!

If you want to express interest in the event, join the Fast Paced Events Discord server that the event will be run through, or feel free to contact Amber or Hibnotix directly through any of the below listed methods:

Amber Cyprian:
Discord: Amber Cyprian#6667
Twitter: AmberCyprian
Email: [email protected]

Discord: Hibnotix#0726
Twitter: Hibnotix