The Midwest Speedfest team returns with Midspring Speedfling 2022, a three-day hybrid marathon taking place at VGM Con: Lift Off near Minneapolis, MN!


  • Submissions open: Friday, January 28 @ 12:00pm CST
  • Submissions close: Friday, February 18 @ 11:59pm CST
  • Schedule reveal: Early March
  • Volunteer applications: TBD
  • Marathon begins: Friday, April 1
  • Marathon ends: Sunday, April 3

Important Information

  • Midspring Speedfling 2022 is part of VGM Con: Lift Off and will begin on the morning of Friday, April 1, and end on the evening of Sunday, April 3 (CST).
  • This is currently planned to be a hybrid marathon, consisting of both on-site and online runs. Current plans are to have on-site runs mainly during the day, and online runs mainly overnight.
  • On-site runs will take place at VGM Con: Lift Off in the Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West (3131 Campus Dr, Plymouth, MN 55441). Any person wishing to attend on-site must purchase a ticket for VGM Con.
  • As always, bigotry, harassment, and otherwise inappropriate and/or disrespectful conduct is not permitted. We reserve the right to bar a runner, commentator, or volunteer from participating in this and future events if we feel they have violated this rule.
  • For more information, contact MWSF staff and/or check VGM Con's website.

Submission Details

  • As Midspring Speedfling 2022 is currently a hybrid event, we will accept a mixture of on-site and online runs. On-site runners will generally be prioritized where possible. As we receive more information about public health concerns, there is a small chance we convert to a fully online marathon instead. All potential runners must mark themselves as an on-site or online performer. More information can be found on the submission page.
  • Potential runners must be in our Discord server, as that's our main method of communication. Submissions from runners not in our Discord server when submissions close will be automatically declined.
  • Submission videos must contain a completed run of the submitted game and category, under estimate, by the same runner(s) who submitted. Submissions that do not follow this rule will be disqualified.
  • Commentary in submission videos is strongly recommended. If you cannot provide commentary in your submission video, feel free to link to another example of commentary somewhere in your submission info. This is not required, but good commentary will greatly improve your chances of being accepted.
  • More information for accepted runners will be given after the schedule is released.

COVID-19 Safety

  • As with all of our on-site events, the safety of everyone involved is our top priority. We and VGM Con understand the situation regarding COVID-19 and are taking it very seriously.
  • As part of VGM Con's COVID-19 policy, vaccinations are required for all on-site attendees ages 16 and older. Remember to bring your vaccine card; copies or photos will not be accepted.
  • Also as part of VGM Con's policy, masks will be required in all event areas. Runners, commentators, and hosts may choose to take off their mask during their run or host shift, but only during this time.
  • We will be wiping down all equipment between runs.
  • If running on-site, we strongly recommend bringing your own console and controller, if at all possible.
  • If you feel sick, stay home, regardless of what your role in the marathon is. We'd much rather replace a run or find someone to cover volunteer shifts to protect everyone's well-being.
  • We strongly recommend reading VGM Con's COVID-19 policy in full, as it contains more details.
  • As the marathon is still a couple months away, things are still somewhat uncertain and subject to change. We will update this page with new information as soon as it becomes available. We'll also post in our Discord server and on our Twitter, and make an effort to share any news from VGM Con staff.
  • For more information, visit VGM Con's website, and/or contact their staff.