The Midwest Speedfest team is proud to present the newest iteration of our flagship event, Midwest Speedfest 2022, taking place at 2D Con 2022: Simulation in Minneapolis, Minnesota!


  • Submissions open: Wednesday, May 4th
  • Submissions close: Saturday, June 11th (11:59pm CDT)
  • Schedule reveal: Out now!
  • Volunteer applications: Open now, though July 16th (at 11:59pm CDT)
  • Marathon begins: Friday, August 26
  • Marathon ends: Sunday, August 28

Important Information

  • Midwest Speedfest 2022 is part of 2D Con 2022: Simulation and will begin on the morning of Friday, August 26, and end on the evening of Sunday, August 28 (CST).
  • This is an on-site marathon, taking place at 2D Con 2022: Simulation (1300 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55403). Any person wishing to attend must purchase a ticket for 2D Con, which can be done on their website.
  • As always, bigotry, harassment, and otherwise inappropriate and/or disrespectful conduct is not permitted. We reserve the right to bar a runner, commentator, or volunteer from participating in this and future events if we feel they have violated this rule.
  • For more information, contact MWSF staff and/or check 2D Con's website.

Submission Details

  • Midwest Speedfest 2022 is an on-site marathon, meaning runners (and commentators) must attend 2D Con 2022: Simulation in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Registration for 2D Con will be required to attend.
  • Potential runners must be in our Discord server, as that's our main method of communication. Submissions from runners not in our Discord server when submissions close will be automatically declined.
  • Submission videos must contain a completed run of the submitted game and category, under estimate, by the same runner(s) who submitted. Submissions that do not follow this rule will be disqualified.
  • Commentary in submission videos is strongly recommended. Commentary is an important part of a marathon run, and submitting without a commentary example will impact your chance of being selected.
  • More information for accepted runners will be given after the schedule is released.

COVID-19 Safety

  • As always, the safety of attendees and staff is our and 2D Con's top priority.
  • Vaccinations or a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of the event is currently required.
  • Masks are currently required (runners and commentators have the option to remove their mask during their run).
  • As we are still a few months from the event, 2D Con's COVID policy is subject to change. We will do our best to share any updates both in our Discord server and on our Twitter.