Trans Rights Are Magical Marathon









The Trans Rights are Magical Marathon is a special event held as collaboration between the teams at Potterthon and The Fast Force. It's a speedrunning marathon featuring Harry Potter speedruns of all kinds in support of Trans Lifeline, a non-profit that connects trans individuals to the resources they need to live, thrive, and get any support needed to be successful.

This marathon was created in retaliation to the anti-trans rhetoric that is being produced by Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling. Despite the fact that we play these games and make an effort to be the very best at them, we also know that there is no place in our community for TERF and anti-trans behavior, and we completely denounce what J.K. Rowling has said in regards to these wonderful people.

Submissions are open from 8/10-8/31, and the even will be held from 9/11-9/13. The event will run on those 3 days from 8am ET-12am ET. There will be no "graveyard shift" runs.

Any Harry Potter game and any category is permitted for submission. This includes the LEGO HP games, Quidditch World Cup, and even the mobile games. If for some reason you are unsure if the run counts, submit anyways! We will be happy to evaluate it.

The run will be featured on The Fast Force's Twitch channel. Also please join the discord when submitting in order to make communication easier.