ASF - Dragon Ball









During ASF [ANIME SPEEDRUN FESTIVAL] Everyone voted for 3 side events. The first, and winner was Dragon Ball. This event will be featuring many dragon ball speedruns, races, and the speedrunners who have brought much to the community.

Join us on Speedgaming October 22nd to October 24th live at Speedgaming.

This event has language support for Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and Italian. If you would like to restream or help with language support please reach out to DBcade.

This time the runs will be focusing on commentary and game play skill for a large selection of Dragon Ball games.

You will be allowed to submit 3 different games, and 3 categories for each of those games, just be sure they fall into the Dragon Ball category.
The best way to ensure your run(s) gets accepted is to work with the admins or moderators

We highly encourage races, coop or other community based runs.

If you submit a race with another runner, its best to have the race partner also submit and join the discord, as well as co-commentators.

If you need support or have a question to better help with the submission process we recommend reaching out to any of the moderators.