BLITZ 2 Electric Boogaloo










BLITZ 2 Electric Boogaloo is the second of the BLITZ collegiate speedrun marathon series. We will be raising money for Compton YouthBuild, a charity that provides rigorous educational and vocational opportunities for opportunity youth ages 16+ who are invested in creating a sustainable future for themselves, their families, and communities ( BLITZ 2 Electric Boogaloo will be hosted by speedrunners Ruh, Dayoman, ALLCAPTS, BigOhm, and OutrageousJosh. We will also have a wide variety of Raffle Prizes up for grabs during the marathon. Entering the raffle will be completely free when raffles go live. The event is not an overnight event; we will be ending the streams later in the night at around 10:00PM Pacific Time to rest up for the next day of runs.

All selected runners will stream their run to their own channel using our overlays/artwork and we will restream their run live to the main marathon channel.

We are open to all game submissions and will have absolutely no biases during the scheduling process, so don't be afraid to submit a run.

More information will be available in the CSUDH Esports Discord Channel #speedrunning channel located under GAME CHATS ( Feel free to ask questions in here as well and we'll try to respond in a timely manner.