FPE Presents the0nlymarath0n










Fast Paced Events Presents the0nlymarath0n - A speedrunning marathon in memory of our friend, the0nlykyd.


We are raising money for The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning) young people.

Event Info

  • The marathon will be held between Friday 4 February and Sunday 6 February, with the length of each day depending on the number of submissions and availability as to what we can fit into the schedule. It will be hosted on Argick's Twitch channel.

  • Submissions of any game and category are allowed, including races of up to 4 runners.

  • In celebration of kyd's favourite Sonic character, Saturday will be a dedicated Knuckles day. If you are submitting a Sonic game running as Knuckles, you must be available on Saturday.

  • If you plan to submit a race, you will be required to have at least one commentator appointed to your run should it be accepted. Runner mics will not be hot during a race, but will be allowed before and after the race as the opening and closing to the run. From past experience, racer mics + commentator mics makes the race harder to follow, especially in an online format where talking over each other is inevitable because latency is a thing.

  • Webcam is never a requirement, it will always remain optional. vTuber avatars are welcome!

A few notes for preparing submissions

  • We are aware that this is a very short submission period, so we will understand if your estimates or runs improve after the date of submissions closing, please just let a staff member know if this is the case!
  • It is the most helpful to the Games Committee if you submit a video that is representative of you as a showcase runner. The following hierarchy shows what types of submission videos are the most helpful when we are trying to get a feel for you as a person/how you interact with others on stream!

Previous marathon run = Dedicated submission video > PB with commentary > No Reset Run with commentary > PB without commentary

  • When all else fails, especially on such short notice, submitting your PB video is absolutely fine! We completely understand that sometimes this is all a runner feels comfortable with submitting, and we still review all submissions. A video with no mic audio is just as valid as a video with mic audio.

Vetting & Tech Checks

Please be aware we are vetting all of our volunteers, runners, and their commentators during the lead-in to the event. Your information will not be shared without your explicit consent. If you don't have any public social media, don't worry! You are still allowed to submit and your submissions are still very welcomed, valid, and appreciated! <3

Mandatory tech checks will take place from Wednesday 26 January to Wednesday 2 February. All runners, commentators, and hosts must complete a tech check with a member of our team to be eligible to take part.

Key Dates

Due to the sudden and tragic news, and 3 large speedrunning events happening in quick succession at the moment, we are setting up this marathon in a very short window of time and thus are shortening our normal process considerably:

  • Announcement and Submissions Open: Friday 14 January @ 8am ET / 1pm UTC
  • Game Submissions Close: Wednesday 19 January @ 11:59pm ET / Thursday 20 January 4:59am UTC
  • Event Schedule Release: Wednesday 26 January
  • Mandatory Tech Checks: Wed 26 January - Wed 2 February

Important Links

Share Your Memories

During the marathon, we want to share your memories of the0nlykyd during intermissions. This can be in the form either of a recorded piece to camera, or as an audio clip.

Submissions should be family friendly i.e. no swearing, and a maximum of 3 minutes long.

Please submit to the #in-memory channel of the FPE Discord server. For audio only, please also include your profile picture or avatar that we can use with the audio clip when played out on stream.

About the0nlykyd

the0nlykyd was a well loved member of the Sonic Speedrun Community, having pioneered Sonic 3D Blast speedrunning with a TAS that is still regarded to this day as being the benchmark for the run. They were a member of the SSC Events team, helping to plan speedrunning tournaments and providing the intermission animations, layouts, and transitions. They were a frequent commentator during speedrunning events, bringing an infectious energy to the booth, while acting as a guide and mentor to the newer members. the0nlykyd was 32 years old when they passed on 31 December 2021.