UKSM is finally back for an IRL in-person event!

Once more we're teaming up with the fantastic people who run the Insomnia event to bring speedrunning to the UK masses with an exclusive speedrunning stage! As usual with our in-person events, we will be raising money for the charity Special Effect, which helps disabled gamers across the country do what they love best through any means they can.

As with all our Insomnia events in the past, access passes to the whole event will be given to all participants free of charge, so you don't need to worry about entry costs! These tickets will grant you entry to the entire event, and not just the day of your run!

The event will run from Friday 26th August to Monday 28th of August

On each day the event will run from 10:30 AM to 5:45 PM. Please keep these times in mind when you submit your run as Oengus does not give us the ability to restrict times.

Good luck with your submissions!

RULES & Recommendations

When submitting, please submit your IRL time, not your IGT. We need to take load times into account when it comes to scheduling!

You must be 16 or over, or be accompanied by a parent or guardian on arrival. This is an in-person event at a busy venue and we will not be responsible for the safety of any underage participants.

Games must not have an age rating of 18 or over. This is a public event at an expo that will have children walking around the expo floor. As such, we are unable to display any 18+ games.

We will be allowing couch members, but due to safety concerns regarding the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we will only be accepting up to two commentators per run so as to maintain some degree of social distancing on stage.

Insomnia will be providing an Xbox One, PS4 and a gaming PC (though this PC will only have a 780Ti GPU), so please keep this in mind when you are submitting your speedruns. We cannot provide any other hardware than what has been listed here, though you can feel free to bring your own hardware if you want.

If you intend to do a PC speedrun, and your game is larger than 1GB, please be prepared to bring the game with you on some form of flash or hard drive for easy and quick access on our PC. We will be relying on the internet provided by the convention hall, which while fine for streaming the event can be a bit slow on downloading games.